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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Secret Life of Super Mom Review

The Secret Life of Super Mom by Kathy Buckworth, 2005, 304 pages

"For a Super Mom, a good day is a day when no one throws up on you, splatters food in your face or calls you a poopeyhead." Just had to include that quote LOL!!!

This book was a laugh out loud read from the moment that I started it. The way it made fun of everyday things was hilarious and I could definitely see a similarity with myself. It is a great read for mother's who work outside of the home and also for the "homers' who work at home.

It is a very easy and quick read and a great escape on those crazy days when you just need a good laugh.

I think that we have all done many of the things that she does in her book, like sending a child to school even when they are sick hoping that the medication will suffice...she unabashedly admits to all her "Super Mom" flaws and how we do not have to be perfect.

You should definitely pick it up for a light hearted read. This was Kathy Buckworth's first book and a fine book it is.

Rating 3 1/2 out of 5

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  1. Sending a kid to school sick? Why I would never...hiding the! Sounds like a good read. :)