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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Imago Book 3: A Warrior's Tale Review

Imago Book 3: A Warrior's Tale by L.T. Suzuki, 2003, 460 pages

This opener is taken from Lorna Sukuki's website. I found this so poetic that I wanted to start out my review with this as a way to bring you into this beautifully imagined world created by Lorna Suzuki.
Just Imagine
There is a secret place that exists; unknown to most,
forgotten by many and lives on only for the few who believe.
Though you cannot look to a map to find this magical realm, it is still very real. In this world, lost on a plane that hangs in the twilight where one enters a dream as sleep takes over the body and mind; Imago lives on.
Here, as in all places where man dwells, the eternal struggle between good and evil plays out. There are places fair and foul, heroes that are larger than life and villains that one hopes exist only in our nightmares.
In this mystical world life is an extraordinary adventure where revenge and redemption, betrayal and salvation, and love; lost and found are woven together to create this rich tapestry of life.
Where is this realm you ask?
To find Imago all you must do is close your eyes and believe...

"This prequel to ‘Imago Book One: Tales From the West’ begins at the height of the turmoil that shall determine if indeed there will be a Third Age of Peace. Besieged by the enemy from the east and now immersed in war with solders of the Dark Army from the west, Nayla Treeborn and her People are about to engage in the next great war that will decide the fate of all mankind and Elves in Imago.

In a desperate attempt to deliver word to the Elf King of Wyndwood and those of the old alliance for a call to arms, she is the last surviving messenger sent forth by her people. Now, trapped in a storm at the top of the world, she fights to survive the deadly elements in a strange land.

Despised by Elves and shunned by mortals, she must now find the courage to make a place in this world, and the compassion to save those who keep her at arm’s-length. This adventure recounts the defining moments in her life that had forged her into a deadly warrior, a great captain and a legend amongst the people of Imago."

© Copyright 2003 L.T. Suzuki. All rights reserved

I was pleased to begin the series with Imago Book 3: A Warrior's Tale as it takes you to the beginning of Nayla Treeborn's harrowing journey from abused child to heroic warrior. I was totally immersed in this fantasy realm upon reading the first chapter. It transports you to another world and having such a strong female warrior as the main character was indeed refreshing. This book was so well written that I could feel all of the emotions that Nayla was feeling - when she was sad, I was sad, when she was angry, I was right along with her. The powerful emotions evoked for each of the characters was truly exceptional. 

Nayla faces many challenges including the fact that she is half elf and half mortal and does not fit into either world. She must create her own niche and find her true calling - which is being a warrior. She is very dedicated and must work harder than everyone else to prove her worth. She is caring, loving, strong, determined, resilient, scared, loyal - could go on and on with the depth of this character...

The action scenes were incredible and I felt transported to those battle fields - surrounded by mud, warriors, swords, chaos - the descriptions were so vivid that you felt like you were actually in the melee. Your are first taken through the training so when it comes time for the actual battles, you can easily envision all of the movements and plans which are being carried out.

Lorna Suzuki's Imago series is a phenomenal achievement and one that I am sure everyone would enjoy reading. Her writing is so poetic and vivid that she really does transport you to another world.

Please check out Lorna Suzuki's website at: as she has a very informative Q&A section and so much information about her and the Imago book series.

I truly enjoyed this book and am eager to read the entire series.

Rating 4 1/2 out of 5